Welcome to Nome, Alaska. My name is Boris, and I wish to tell you a true story about my friend Balto. Not so long ago there was a terrible epidemic here in Nome. A storm so severe it could freeze your borscht, cut off all travel between Nome and neighboring villages. Without the needed medicine many people would die. A dog sled team was sent out to bring back the medicine but failed. It was up to Balto to find the medicine and bring it back in time to save the town.

Before the epidemic, Balto wasn't trusted by many townspeople. Half wolf, half dog, Balto was even shunned by the other dogs. This troubled him very much. Muk, Luk, and I were his only friends. Balto would have to accept his differences if he were to rise to the challenge of saving the town.

The winter of '25 was one of the worst I'd ever flown through. It blanketed the town with snow. Right now, you can visit the General Store, where you'll find lots of fun things including Images for coloring; and you can send us an e-mail. Over by the Ship is were Balto and I live. Muk and Luk hang around there a lot too. Sometimes the whole gang is there. Come by anytime.