When Balto spots a heartbroken Jenna peering through the hospital window at her mistress Rosy, a new determination wells up inside him and he decides to go out into the storm to find Steele and bring back the medicine.

But he won't be starting his greatest journey alone. Boris, of course, insists on accompanying him, as do their young polar bear pals Muk and Luk. To prevent losing his way, Balto cleverly marks his trail with distinctive scratch marks on the trees.

Suddenly the rescue party is attacked by a gigantic grizzly bear. Things look pretty bad when Jenna leaps out of nowhere and joins the fray -- she had been following Balto and the others. This is enough to defeat the grizzly, but Jenna is injured and requires medical attention. Balto decides to press on alone, instructing Boris, Muk and Luk to get Jenna back to Nome and safety.

Boris, who has always known the true heart and strength of his friend, urges him on with these words: "A dog cannot make this journey alone. But . . . maybe a wolf can."