Here is your opportunity to see selected moments from Balto and experience the fun and excitement of this thrilling adventure. We plan on adding new clips in the coming week, so be sure to come back.

"The Tide is Out!" (Quicktime 1.0 Mb, 10fps)
"The Tide is Out!" (Quicktime 0.7 Mb, 5fps)

"Their Only Hope" (Quicktime 2.0 Mb, 10fps)
"Their Only Hope" (Quicktime 1.3 Mb, 5fps)

"Get It Through Your Head!" (Quicktime 0.7 Mb, 10fps)
"Get It Through Your Head!" (Quicktime 0.5 Mb, 5fps)

Flipbook (Quicktime 1.0 Mb, 10fps)
Flipbook (Quicktime 0.7 Mb, 5fps)

Line test (Quicktime 0.8 Mb, 10fps)
Line test (Quicktime 0.6 Mb, 5fps)

Frame by Frame (Quicktime 1.2 Mb, 10fps)
Frame by Frame (Quicktime 0.7 Mb, 5fps)

Balto's Relay (Quicktime 1.0 Mb, 10fps)
Balto's Relay (Quicktime 0.7 Mb, 5fps)

Iditarod Race (Quicktime 1.1 Mb, 10fps)
Iditarod Race (Quicktime 0.8 Mb, 5fps)

Realism (Quicktime 1.1 Mb, 10fps)
Realism (Quicktime 0.7 Mb, 5fps)